Introduction of the Company

Shandong Anchengxin Land and Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. was established in July, 2003, originally Tai’an Chengxin Real Estate Appraisal Co. Ltd., and the name was changed in February, 2008. It was founded by five natural persons with the registered capital 3 million yuan. Its ratified business scope is “land consulting evaluation and real estate evaluation”. Now it is under the supervision of Shandong Real Estate Valuers Association and Shandong Provincial Department of Land and Resources, being a first-class corporate intermediary organization and a unit of Shandong Real Estate Valuers Association. In September, 2003, ratified by Shandong Real Estate Valuers Association it obtained the B-level qualification for the land evaluation in Shandong Province and reported it to the Ministry of Land and Recourses for the record.

In March, 2004, with the examination and approval of Shandong Higher People’s Court, the company became an expert testimony organ registered in Higher People’s Court of Shandong Province and at the same time the news was published on People’s Court Paper.

In January, 2005, reviewed and passed by the second session of the first meeting of Shandong Real Estate Valuers Association the company was selected as a unit of Shandong Real Estate Valuers Association.

In August, 2005, ratified by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee in Tai’an State-owned Asset Document [2005]17, the company was listed in the optional database of appraisal organizations of Tai’an State-owned Assets Bureau.

In March, 2006, recommended by financial setups such as professional banks and examined and approved by professional banks of Shandong province, the company became the chief appraisal intermediary organization for financial setups of Tai’an city.

At present the company has four departments, Land Evaluation Department, Comprehensive Consulting Department, Real Estate Evaluation Department, Supervision Department, and one Office. As to the 16 staff, all have got higher education and professional technical titles. Among the 12 professional technical personnel, there are 6 land valuators, 3 real estate valuators, 2 senior engineers, 1 senior accountant, 6 accountants and economists of middle technical titles.

The company’s evaluation business includes: providing price evaluation service for the government departments such as to the bench mark and standard land price, land purchasing reserves, and so on; providing value consulting evaluation for companies and institutions as to the real estate concerned with their reform, bankruptcy, transfer and lease; providing real estate price evaluation for companies or individual consumers as to their loan mortgage and business; providing expert evaluation basis for judicial organs as to some legal cases; providing house and land value consultation and evaluation for people of all walks of life involved in assets prices.

The staff of the company strictly abide by the basic principles of independence, objectivity, impartiality and seeking truth form facts, taking faith as their aim, and regarding quality as their life. The company has established perfect inside management system, people-oriented, and working faithfully. It has been well received by customers and communities for its high efficiency and quality service. In their work, the staff adhere to impartiality and legality, taking active steps to maintain market order, doing their job conscientiously, advancing with the time, being innovative, and establishing harmonious relationships with their customers, which has achieved good economic benefit and social credibility.

Li Yue, the general manager, together with all the staff, expresses his sincere thanks to people of all circles for your support and love to the company.

Address: Aolaifeng Road No. 3, Tai’an City, Shandong Province
      Postcode: 271000
      Tel: 0538-6266369
      Fax: 0538-6315199
      Micro signal:sdacxpg

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